How To: See through people's clothes with a video camera

See through people's clothes with a video camera

This video tutorial teaches you how to see through clothes using a blank roll of film and any video camera that has night vision. You won't see people completely naked, but you can see undergarments and the "shape" beneath...If your imagination just isn't cutting it anymore, check out this how-to video and start getting a peak at people in a slightly less clothed state.

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cool trick, when i win the camera, will you send me a little piece of file so i dont have to go throught the trouble of developing it myself?

This is pretty lame...

this is pretty
i think so

it is cool

hot cool.i uesd the way

wow, u're so hot..

you guys are just adorable lol!!
id like to win that camera

Dear viewers, I tried this on 2 differnently distinct camera with 2 kinds of negatives and it did not work.I sadly have to report that this may be a fake and the acting (was it supposed to be that bad and unappealing)was quite terrible.
Alex1inferno-The Critic

First of all, I'm pretty sure the 'acting' was supposed to be that bad. Secondly, yes, it works. Try google. It works with standard digital cameras as well as long as they have a nightmode, and with webcams as well. Often times you will have to take apart the webcam or digital cam to remove the UV filter already in place at the camera's sensor as what this technique is doing is blocking white light and only allowing infrared light. Most webcams, digital cameras have UV filters built in (it's just a thin piece of plastic over the sensor)

cool i wish i could win ,but i don't think y'all will want to give away that awesome camera..but i cant find your video..i think your both geniuses if u invited that...

Oooo, sounds like the critic guy is not using a camera with night vision capabilities, lol.

I think The Critic is a but of a TA... This is supposed to be a joke. :)


that is so cool. do u think u can email me the instructions on how do do!


funny, I must try

You are all idiots if you really think this works. Why would the Asian dude completely disappear and we can still see the objects behind him. MORONS!

dis guy is right u guys r dip-#$%@s, in all the other demonstarions u could onlys see throw the colers or just one layer but the asian goes completly

Alright... alright I want the camera, and I'll try it wether it works or not... Nice topic though...

its fake. ha ha ha...

We will definitely test out this theory to find out the validity of this deal. If it works, we can utilize the theme within our Adult Entertainment brands. If you have any other ideas that would help us produce better effects in amateaur Erotica film, then contact us with details.
J Hoffe

Nice idea guys, but it doesn't work as you say it does. It will not "see through clothes." Night vision uses a small part of the spectrum of light that cannot be seen by the human eye (which is most of the light in our world). The camera will only "see through" items that refract that wavelength of light. Unfortunately, that's just about everything that refracts light we can see. The other thing to be aware of is that it is only using one wavelength and metering the luminance of that wavelength. Thus, the image is monochrome, hence, no colors. That's why the colors on the mug and the undergarments disappear. Those paints and pigments reflect that kind of light evenly. Nothing really special.

hey jack55 you idiot do you even know how the night vision works or you just talking out of your ass / night vision just magnifies the bit of light that's there its all the same type of light but just magnified

Jack 55 was right you moron. Have you ever been to school?

smoky u domb-ass its called a uv light wich a camera can see but human eyes cant!!

This is a pile of human excrement, where geeks can shine in the spotlight in hopes of getting laid. Ooooooooooh!

you bloody sucker .mom #$%@er this does not happened you mother mother is a bitch black whore lol.

It is true. When video cameras first came out with night vision it was a possibility. Sony got complaints from it and they changed how it worked. I though, have never heard of this trick, the way they are doing it. The only way I have heard of possibly seeing through clothes is with one of those first generation night vision cameras.

id like to see how it looks ona girl bt id like to see trough clothes and see under nt trough the whole fing,bit gay this way.


If you turn it on geeks dissapear? Thats awesome i want one!!

This is so stupid do you really think that works its just a camera with a green strip in front of it and some editing My dad has night vision goggles and if you look at light it will blind you. You people who believe that are so stupid

Night vision goggles like his, that is true. This camera obviously has an auto light filter to keep from overloading. Don't call people stupid unless you know the entire truth kid.

very korni


Obviously a bunch of people commenting here havent listened carefully to the technical explanation given by the video guy. The negative placed on the objective allegedly makes that the camera picks up infra red radiations. It may be true or not but it's neither illogical nor impossible.

oh yeah

great trick...i really enjoy your film..can you please give a sample in a live person..?

Very nice editing skills by the way I saw that
camera at Circut City for 98 dollars if you got
more than that you got ripped off..

very nice trick but i need a picture of a person for proof got it.

its stupied and NOT trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

all of you people are very silly i meen could you possibly think it would work i just typed this in just to see how they do it but its just all bogus because the positive and negative ions from the camera bring only light wich will not let you be able to see through clothes so all of you that think it works it's just a myth so your lucky girls

True enough. it only makes some pigment vanish and stuff looks plain.

Just tried it on my girlfriend. Saw her bra through her black tank top which was a pretty cool effect. When there was no bra you can't really see anything. So what they said was right, you would need an imagination.

i want to know what video cam is that i might possibly buy one of my own....

cool video i like the part that when the guy disappear on the camera

why would you wanna do this? don't you have a girlfrie.....ah stupid question


these guys are really desperate, but for what? i dont know!

it seems there were bored


that camra is sick and ive wached every one please can i have that camra

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You really are desperate, aren't you pinko? Poor guy.

it's pretty cool and surprising to see that thing that i haven't heard from anyone so if i get that camra will put into use

cool to see but not so cool to watch hambone

lol cute

if it did work, why would the asain dude completely dissappear? obviously these guys are playing editing tricks. it cant possibly work.

wait so it has to be in the dark?

i could not seee

I may beleive it if one of the guys were holding a mug and turned the camera on

If your reading this i feel sorry for you.

But we cant actually see him at all? So this video does not proof that you can actually see THROUGH clothes.

Wow...that's awesome. Who would of ever thought that was possiable.

Are you all being sarcastic, or are you mentally handicapped? I can't tell.

If you do actually believe this, you shouldn't be allowed to be alive right now. This whole video was supposed to be a joke. Get over it.

one word to this entire comment strand;


bull #$%@ man!!!!

ok if you guys think this is a waste of time why are you wasteing your time posting here dumbass you dont know if it works unless you try it thats how you learn #$%@

Cool thanks for the video it works very well for me! I just used it on my sexy neighbor and discovered that she had gigantic nipples!
Thank You!


I'm going to explain this very simply.

ok, this is what happenned. rolling film. Peter walks offstage. Switch to night vision. shawn says: "Peter?" Peter says: "What?" Shawn says: "where did you go?" Turn off nightvision. Peter walks back onstage, arms crossed. Peter walks offstage. Turn on Nightvision. Turn off nightvision. Peter walsk back onstage. Peter walks back offstage. Turn on Nightvision. Stop filming.

Go to film editing software. Cut out every Peter walking on and Peter walking offstage parts. Post video on

The reason this doesn't work in real life is that, regardless of wether the camera is actually showing the "clothes", it is still a real object. As such, it blocks the infared rays that the camera would supposedly pick up. The light from the person underneath the clothes is BLOCKED by the clothes, so it never gets to the camera, so how could it show up in the camera? At BEST, all you would see is a black silhouette of where the "Clothes" should be.

This is all assuming that putting photonegatives in front of a camera actually changes anything, which it doesn't.

Also note we have yet to see evidence of this being able to see through "Clothes". I keep putting "Clothes" in parantheses because of this.

Please understand. I don't know how else to explain this.

Also, forgive me if I am wrong, but all the people who actually try this REALLY need a girlfriend. Why see through clothes when you could take them off? It's just better this way, trust me. ;-)

so does it work or not im confused give me a yes or no...

i aso got bear at lvl 1after fight at
p/s: i am new to this game very so lucky..

Hi everyone,

Camera sensors are CCD or CMOS, both of them very sensitive to infrared.
Some plastic are transparent to infrared.
The trick here is to record only infrared light. Coming from the sun, the IR goes through the synthetic garment, touch the skin and back through the garment to the cam sensor.
It would work much better with strog IR lighting (IR diodes are cheap). This was the Sony nightvision system (nothing to do with light amplifiers). It worked so well in daylight, that they had to mod the cam and have it work only at night with less power.

And in my opinion, it's always fun to look at girls even if you have one....

how and where do you put the IR- doides? and do i have to remove the uv-filter too?

Make a lamp with some IR diodes and use it as you would use an external light (that is point it towards the subject). Sun also emits ample amount of IR.
You must add some plastic in front of the lens to filter out what is not IR. That is why they use the film. Best plsctic is the one that comes in front of a remote control (dark red) either from the emitter or the receiver. This is important, or else you will have the image of the garment (it is only transparent to IR).
I think you don't have to worry about UV filter.
Last thing is, IR like UV is a generic name for a large spectrum. Plastics are complicated material with additives. So you may find one nylon garment to be transparent to IR and another one that blocks them a little.
Have fun.

the guy in green T's a GAY!! GAY! GAY GAY!!

they're both GAY!

wow wounder why those studs need to see threw chicks clothes lmao

huh wounder why they need to see threw chicks clothes, lmao nerds

There is a bigger picture here people, Forget the women for one sec and think how many lives can be saved if used correctly, Maybe a kid stuch behind a solid object and the rescue personel needs to be able to at least see a physical outline of him to know where he is, Think out the box sometimes, Life could be much better.
It's the technology that we need to further even if it starts as perverted gestures.

well this is a good suggestion man.. but i think for this application, ultra sonics would be more efficient.. than IRs or "uv"s or nightvision.:)

To go more in-dept with it..., it is "Wi-Fi. Works kind of like sonar(the lament's explanation). Quite interesting. Just Google "Wi-Fi" ..., w/no " " Some people take things too literally..., you know?, ! Now, about the video. If'..., all that is true and peter is indeed "invisible, You could make an interesting se'ance or Ouija board's (whatever is is), letter observer piece look as if it moved by it's self. How about some one UN-noticed moving objects..., floating in air, etc., etc... I think, if it (the developed negative) did make the body invisible, that person would be naked..., right? Just wondering. X-ray vision...., the human body will always be viewed-by a few- and thought of in a perverse way. That's not curiosity but sick idolic perverted thinking Don't get me wrong, a woman scantly clad or nude is exciting and fun, and beautiful. This'..., you are fixating on an object, like a toy and taking ownership. That's just not right..., no respect! Hmmm.... what is society, and other's-responsible for- teaching our youth?

I need another bump.

cant see the video, can any one help, i've installed the Adobe Flash. I've tried firefox but nothing happening.

can use on handphone?

Can haz cheeseburger?

Seriously? All the disbelievers, you are idiots. All of the believers, you are idiots as well. All the spammers, you are idiots. That guy trolling for jailbait, you are an idiot as well. The person suggest we use it for good, you are an idiot; how would a technique for "seeing through clothes" see through a sheet of metal or a block of wood? I usually hate the guy that comes in hating everyone, but I just can't stand this video, and the commenters.

Have a nice day.

cough, cough VIRGINS!

Sad to say, this trick been around for years. Same thing can be done with a night scope or night vision goggles.

That's Cool!

you guys could really work on the way you speak (i.e. tonality) to sound more interesting.




FFS IT WORKS OK!!!!!! Go To For Lenses And Proof

i dnt get it lol

kinda sorta feel like punching the white kid before the pedobear gets to him.

Pretty stupid! As a professional photographer I can tell you that 1) Your film was exposed. It would have been almost completely clear if it hadn't been. 2) The chemicals used to develop b/w, E6, or C4 film have nothing to do with anything and they do not filter infrared or anything else. 3) At best, you got some very naive people to waste their time.

i wanted to learn to see naked chicks not through people stupid ggeks

Wow the dude disappearing.. and I thought James Cameron's Avatar had good special effects!! LOL

cough cough gaaaaaayyyyyy cough

thats so f**king awsome i tried it with my sony video night vision cam and it works perfectly

your rocking dude and making more of less 'stalker' of every one of us .

why is the critic always hating on everything he cant do?

With the software FalseFlesh you can make facebook picture appear nude...

There's a better solution >

Whaaaaaaaaaaat is this world coming to! People DESERVE privacy! ugh!!!! Please!!!!! I dislike this to infinity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how'd you like it if someone invaded YOUR privacy like that? HUH? :(

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