Explosive POV: Mini Spy Cam Mounted on Firework

Mini Spy Cam Mounted on Firework

The 4th of July brings out the inner-pyro-hypnotized child in many of us. And while WonderHowTo has plenty of tutorials for using/creating firecrackers , fireworks, and general explosivesfor responsible 18+ upstanding citizens only, of course!—some of us prefer to enjoy the fiery goodness from the safety of our computer screens.

To experience an extremely up-close-and-personal view WITHOUT blowing your fingers/face off, check out this extreme POV footage of a camera with a wide-angle lens mounted directly to the good stuff.

YouTube user jeremiahjw shot the footage with the808 Car Keys Micro Camera #11, a super neat covert mini camera that can be purchased on eBay for less than $50. The tiny camera captures 1280 x 720 H.264 30fps in HD as an .mov; it plugs directly into your computer as a USB device; it can record for up to 20 minutes.

Reviewer Chuck Lohr offers full instructions for operating the device; additionally, check out the in-depth review and sample footage in the gallery below.

(1) Review, (2) Sample Footage, (3) Sample Footage, (4) Comparison Split-Screen of Versions #1 and #3

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