How to Build a professional DIY camera slider for smooth video

If you know what a cam slider is, you know you want one. But camera sliders can be pretty pricey, so that's when it's time to resort to DIY techniques. In this video, see how to build your own pro-slider. It's super easy and only takes ten minutes to make!

Shopping list:

* 1 MANFROTTO 501PL camera plate - Price: approx. $22
* 1 IGUS DryLin W shuttle plate - WK-16-60-10-1 100mm / 3.94 inch - Price: approx. $65
* 1 IGUS DryLin W rail - WS-16-60 1000mm / 39.37 inch - Price: approx. $85
* 1 M5 bold with a shim and a 8mm / 0.31 inch nut - Price: approx. $1-2

Optional parts:

* 1 MANFROTTO 701HDV PRO FLUID VIDEO MINI HEAD - Price: approx. $125
* 1 MANFROTTO 501HDV HEAD - Price: approx. $185
* 1 MANFROTTO 055XPROB Pro Tripod Legs - Price: approx. $180

Click here for more information and where you can get these parts.

The movie was shot in HD with a Canon EOS 7D.

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