How to Build a vibrating 35mm DoF adapter

Check out this cinematography tutorial video that provides a basic introduction on how to build a vibrating 35mm depth of field adapter. You will need only 8 parts for the basic version of the vibrating DoF adapter:
2x asian Canon EOS extension t ubes kit
2x 55mm UV-Filter (multicoated!)
1x VH-57 vibrating gg-holder
1x vibrating pancake motor
1x Canon Ee-A focusing screen
1x piece of phonecable

Follow the simple instructions outlined in this instructional video and build your own vibrating 35mm adapter.

Build a vibrating 35mm DoF adapter

Build a vibrating 35mm DoF adapter Click through to watch this video on

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DoF adaptors are a great way to make your crappy camera images look big budget. Nice job!

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