How To: Calibrate an NTSC camera monitor

Calibrate an NTSC camera monitor

Check out this cinematography video tutorial on how to use calibrate an NTSC camera monitor, specifically a Marshall monitor.

Learn how to adjust brightness, adjust contrast, and adjust color. Also learn about the freeze frame, Red Peaking, 1:1 Pixel-Pixel, and False color.

Read these simple steps for calibrating an NTSC monitor in the instruction manual of the Marshall monitor.

1. Allow the monitor to warm up for at least 5-10 minutes.
2. Display SMPTE split-field color bars on the monitor using an external source.
3. Enable Monochrome mode.
4. Locate the pluge pattern (super black, black, and gray bars) at the lower-right corner of the screen. Adjust the Brightness knob until there is no visible difference between the super black and black bars, but the gray bar is still visible.
5. Adjust the Contrast knob until an even grayscale appears along the top bars.
6. Disable Monochrome mode.
7. Enable Blue Check Field mode and adjust the Color knob so that the outermost bars (white and blue) appear to match in brightness.
8. Composite NTSC only: Adjust the Tint knob until the third bar from the left (cyan) and the third bar from the right (magenta) appear to match in brightness.
9. Disable Blue Check Field mode.

Do you have a monitor that does not have Monochromatic or Blue only Mode such as a consumer grade Plasma or large LCD?

You can still follow the above procedures if you output bars from your NLE.

In Final Cut Pro you can choose Bars and Tone from the Generator Pop-Up in the Viewer, then apply a Color Corrector 3-way and turn down the Saturation level.

To create "Blue Only" in FCP

1. Choose Effects>Video Filters>Channel>Channel Mixer

2. Double-click the Clip to load it into the Viewer

3. Turn down the Red and Green and channels

Volia. You now have Blue Only.

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