How to Create a simple low budget shoulder mount for a DSLR camera and accessories

Wow. Forget about buying an expensive pro-style digital camcorder. You can make your DSLR camera into a moviemaker camera with a simple DIY shoulder mount. The goal of this video is to give you a way to create a low budget way of mounting your camera and necessary gear onto a cheap shoulder mount. It works really well. See for yourself!

The shoulder mount in this video is referred to as ASS or A.S.S., which stands for either Amazon Shoulder Support or Adorama Shoulder Support. You can find them fairly cheap on eBay. Once you have one, you can mount your Digital SLR camera (like a Canon 5D Mark II), a batter grip, video microphone, video light, LCD viewfinder, and zoom lens.

For more information, visit CheesyCam.

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Great tutorial -very useful! I just finished building it myself, however I have used an Olympus DM-450 for the audio recording.

Just a quick question - what lens does your camera have for filming?

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