How to Install the Zacuto EVF mount on the RED ONE Camera

This EVF mount is the mount all RED users have been waiting for. It is inexpensive, adjustable and will not loosen. This simple three hundred dollar mount is a great addition to any RED ONE camera setup. This video will show you how to install the Zacuto EVF mount on the RED ONE Camera.

The mount slides onto the top 19mm or 15mm rod on the RED ONE camera. If sliding this mount onto a 15mm rod, a Z-mount will be needed instead of a Zandy. It has a rod end cap at the end of the rod so the EVF can not accidently slide off the rod. This mount has the ability to slide the EVF forward and backward as well as a complete 360 degree swivel for top or bottom or ENG use.

This ZRED mount includes:

(1) 3.5 Lightweight Rod
Rod Cap
Zicromount 3, with no lever
Zandy or Z-mount

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