How To: Make a rotating video camera pan mount with a clock

Make a rotating video camera pan mount with a clock

Imagine your own time-lapsed footage in a 360 degree pan. You don't need an expensive Hollywood-style pan mount to get this effect. You can easily do this rotating pan mount on the cheap, with something you would never suspect— a kitchen timer.

This DIY kitchen timer hack will allow you to pan your small handheld digital camera around in a circle. It might not be a full 360 degrees, since a kitchen timer usually doesn't' go all the way around, unless you find one that does, but it's still one of the cheapest ways to get a cool pan effect. The steadier your kitchen time, the steadier the footage will be.

What you'll need is a kitchen time, some velcro, a small piece of wood, a drill, bolt, washers, nuts, and your digital camera.

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