How To: Make a Steadicam flying camera support

Make a Steadicam flying camera support

Garret Brown's original Steadicam® is an icon that revolutionized filmmaking. Being the first and the best, it naturally and justifiably commands a premium price. It is for this reason that homemade DIY Flying Camera Supports have been around since at least 1977, just one short year after Mr. Brown's invention. With this tradition in mind, learn the two fundamental principles behind the Steadicam and how to build your own Flying Camera Support by watching this video filmmaking tutorial.

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Perfection! I designed my own last year. Get this, The pivit/ball joint I ended up with was originally a Titanium made -replacement Femur for (someone) in the past, then found and given to me by a Mortician friend. My camera stablizer works like a champ and I can only reckon that whoever owned the Titamium part is a Film Can movie fan! Thanks for a great video!

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