How To: Make your own camera dolly

Make your own camera dolly

If you're into cinematography try creating your own dolly camera platform to get those seamless tracking shots. This is a fun project that will allow you to take your film to the next level, or at least get the shot you want.

When pros want a smooth tracking shot, they pay top dollar for a rolling camera platform. For those of us not on a Hollywood budget, try this DIY dolly.

You Will Need

* Tape measure
* 2 3' long 2" x 2" pieces of angled aluminum
* Drill
* 3/8" bit
* 60 flat washers
* 12 3/8" x 2" carriage bolts
* 16 nuts
* 12 skateboard wheels
* 2 adjustable wrenches
* 3' x 3' ¾" plywood
* 4 3/8" x 4" carriage bolts
* 2 20' pieces 2" PVC
* A camera
* A tripod

Step 1: Drill wheel holes

Step 2: Finish drilling aluminum

Step 3: Finish casters

Step 4: Prepare the wood

Step 5: Attach the aluminum

Step 6: Lay down the track

The Italian film Cabiria released in 1914 was the first popular film to feature a dolly shot.

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