How To: Set proper white balance on a video camera

Set proper white balance on a video camera

When a scene is filmed, problems can occur in the final outcome of a scene if the white balance is not set correctly. If the white balance is off, a scene may look too orange, blue, or the color is just off in general. This video tutorial shows how to set the correct white balance on your video camera. White balance is what the camera considers to be white. Most cameras have white balance presets for both indoor and outdoor. This is because the light we perceive will vary depending on whether we are outside or inside (sunlight versus a lamp's light). If you are not sure whether you should use the outdoor or the indoor setting, survey where the majority of your light is coming from and set the your camera accordingly. It is also advised that you manually set the white balance on your camera as opposed to using a preset, which is not custom.

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That was a beautiful video on how to white balance a camera

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