How To: Understand basic video tricks

Understand basic video tricks

Understand basic video tricks.

A great way to prop up your camcorder when you don't have a tripod and you want a low angle shot from the ground is to use a rubber doorstop. It stays put and you can move it up and back to set the shot higher or lower.

A pair of pantyhose is a cheap way to get a soft look without expensive filters. Cut out a small square and apply it over the lens with a rubber band. By adjusting the tightness you can change the intensity of the softness.

If you have to run cables across a doorway or places where people will walk and you don't want people tripping, get a roll of Scotch blue painters tape at your home improvement store to tape the cables down. It is easy to apply and remove, doesn't leave a mess on the floor, and the bright color makes it very visible.

If you don't have a professional tripod and you need to know if your camera is level, a small photo level will do the job at a cost of less than two dollars. Stick it to your tripod with double-sided tape and you will know if your camera is level at all times.

An eyebolt can be used as a replacement for a tripod in a pinch. Find one that matches the threads of the camcorder and tie a five-foot length of black bungee cord to it. To steady the camera while shooting, step on the cord and pull it tight.

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