How To: Use the RED ONE camera - basics

Use the RED ONE camera - basics

There are some essentials you need to know when shooting with the Red One camera, here we go over start/stop, SD card, AV connector board, back focus, and installing PL lens.
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Hello Mike,

How come the video won't play on my computers, neither the Mac nor my PC? The QuickTime logo turns into a question mark. Anything I should do to make it work?


Ding at

Looks like flash to me?

I want to have babies with this camera...then use them to make movies.

I think its a little sad that I'm salivating like a Pavlovian Dog
but Woof!

I just watched your Red videos and found them informative and well done. I do not have a redone but I am a FCP editor and would like to see a demo video on a red>FCP workflow.


Tony Sondag

What is the red camera?

I use it to take pictures of my pants, the aliasing was nearly invisible.

can't see the vedio...

i'll like to see the footage of the red camera"

can't see the vedio...

can't see the vedio...

Does all that stuff come with the camera or do you have to buy it seperately?

Everything is a line item on your invoice...

the RED ONE is quite NEW in my country.. its said that the RED films 4k.. what does that MEAN ? pls.

i want red programs demo save

I think they call themselves cinematography these days.

im working as DIT but no experience,, but your site help me a lot thanks

I have learn much more about RED camera. Now I would like to learn some tips for edit desk for editing of the RED camera shoot by FCP.

Thank you Johnny Sir

thank once again this site help me to know about RED camera. thank you

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