News: Firing Tank Caught at 18,000 FPS Looks Just As Awesome As It Sounds

Firing Tank Caught at 18,000 FPS Looks Just As Awesome As It Sounds

It's like the H-bomb. In slo-mo, it's stunning. In real life, it's terrifying. The footage below was uploaded by YouTube user NielsBorg, unfortunately lacking in description, but offers the following information via headline: "T90 shot taken by Photron camera at 18000 fps".

The T-90 is a brute of a tank, a third-generation battle vehicle used by the Russian Ground Forces and Naval Infantry. The tank contains an autoloader which can carry 22 ready-to-fire rounds, loadable and ready to go in 5-8 seconds. It requires a crew of 3 men (commander, gunner and driver), weighs 46.5 tonnes, and is armored with a complex "three-tiered" protection system. In short, it's a beast.

But what is perhaps even more exciting is the grade of camera that captured the footage. The Photron is a top-of-the-line high speed, ultra high def camera used in a wide variety of professional fields: the manufacturing industries, medicine, film laboratories, Hollywood, and military. To get a better idea of what this *insane* camera can do, take a look at this footage of an Eagle Owl in flight, uploaded by SlowMoHighSpeed back in 2008.

Not too shabby, huh?

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WOW that looks amazing, the detail is superb!

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