News: What Happens When You Put a High-Speed Camera on a High-Speed Train?

What Happens When You Put a High-Speed Camera on a High-Speed Train?

Remember "Bullet Time" from The Matrix? Well, you ain't seen nothing till you've seen "Bullet-Train Time"! 

Graeme Taylor explains his technique:

"I wondered, what would happen if the camera was the fast-moving object? For instance, if you use a 210fps camera at 35mph, on playback at 30fps it'll seem to the observer that they're moving at walking pace—but everything observed will be operating at 1/7th speed.

What I'd hoped to do was film the people on a railway platform from a train as it blasted past, but since the places they don't stop at tend not to be listed in the timetables, this would be hard to co-ordinate. I figured that being at the very front of a fast train as it approached a stop would suffice; although the 'frozen in time' effect is less pronounced towards the end of the video, the platforms at non-stops tended to be mostly empty, so there'd be less to capture anyway. Helpfully, people don't seem to move too much as their train arrives!

Here's the most successful of my attempts, then—as it happens, the first stop, Bath Spa, had the best lighting."

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This looks cool!!

Wow, very nice effect.

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