How To: Set up the presets on your Canon 7D for filming video

Set up the presets on your Canon 7D for filming video

Your Canon 7D camera can film in video as well as take still photographs, however, the settings will be different. To get the best picture quality possible, here is how you can set up your camera's presets when filming in live action.

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Thanks for the tips. i'm just getting started with my 7D. I can't wait to try in out the setting

trying to follow this, stuck at the shutter speed. I cannot get 50 sec only 60? the camera still is already set up in custom mode , will this be lost in setting them for video?

Have more Questions ,
1 the custom setting for or in video mode . Over ride the setting saved for still. :-(

Why does the quick mode have to be selected? as all this does is make the mirror go p and down, . What is for i have no clue.

the settings 60th still cannot find 1/50th however at 2.8 and iso 160 is this a base setting, as most shoots will be under exposed.

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