How To: Simulate a dolly shot with just a camera tripod

Simulate a dolly shot with just a camera tripod

brusspup has tons of ingenious tips and tricks for everybody! In this video tutorial, he shows you how to simulate a dolly shot with just a camera tripod.

Want to make your videos look more professional, but don't have the money to spend on an expensive dolly or crane? Film equipment is really costly, except perhaps a simple tripod. Check out this idea of ingenuity that's simple as can be, while looking totally professional.

It won't last as long as a long dolly shot, or as high as large aerial crane shot, but it's a great maneuver for low-budget filmmaking.

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It's a great idea, However you need a small light weight camera, any bigger camera or even a camera with a matte box attached it wouldn't work, Also you cant dolly left or right.

Hey guys thanks for this rad video on getting a dolly shot for free.

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