How To: Build your own ten foot long camera dolly track

Build your own ten foot long camera dolly track

Need some smooth pan shots for your indie film? How about a cool dolly zoom effect? Well, you don't need to be a professional filmmaker to use such a device, but you do need the money for the gear. But—if you can work your way around the workshop, you can probably build your own camera dolly and track just fine. And for under $100! This video shows you how to build your own DIY dolly and dolly track, and all you need are the parts listed below. Then you just need to learn the art of the dolly grip!

Materials needed:

* 32" x 32" x ¾" thick piece of plywood [1]
* Soft inline skate wheels [8]
* 32" pieces of 1½" angle aluminum (1/8" wall thickness) [2]
* ¼" / 20 x 2" hex bolts [8]
* ¼" flat washers [8]
* ¼" nuts [28]
* 1¼" fender washers [16]
* ¼" x 2½" carriage bolts [4]
* 10' pieces of 1" sch. 40 PVC pipe [2]
* 5/16" drill bit [1]
* Medium size drill bit (smaller then your 5/16" bit) [1]
* Small drill bit (9/32" bit for starter holes) [1]

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wow dude that was really impressive, good work. Why did you take an interest into making a dolly?

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