How to Make a time-lapse video with a DSLR and Intervalometer

See how to shoot a time-lapse video using a DSLR and intervalometer. This video tutorial covers everything from settings you should use to making the time-lapse video in QuickTime.

An intervalometer is an attachment for a digital camera that operates the shutter at set intervals over a period of time, which is usually used for time-lapse photography. The Canon Time Remote Control (TC-80N3) works or this purpose.

Make sure to set the camera to JPG, manual white balance, manual exposure, and drag your shutter as much as possible.

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Thank you for the information. I just bought an interval timer and have no idea how to use it, though. I need step by step instructions. The one I bought is a Pixel TC-252, but I'm sure has has a similar setup to most interval timers. The instruction booklet was included with it, but the directions are confusing.

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